Toddler Sandals

Kids can have fun in the kid's sandals..
CIOR's leather sandals come designed with a cushioned footbed that is enriched with anti bacterial properties,
while a cushioned fabric lining provides sweat absorbency.
An adjustable heel and instep strap aid in providing a customized fit.
A non-slip outsole gives them sure footing through any challenge. This is the best choice for you.

Size Chart:
Toddler US 5M-- EU21--Inner length: 13.0cm
Toddler US 6M-- EU22-- Inner length: 13.5cm
Toddler US 7M-- EU23--Inner length: 14.2cm
Toddler US 8M-- EU24--Inner length: 14.8cm
Toddler US 8.5M-- EU25--Inner length: 15.2cm
Toddler US 9M-- EU26--Inner length: 16.2cm
Toddler US 9.5M-- EU27--Inner length: 16.7cm
Toddler US 10M-- EU28--Inner length: 17.4cm
Little Kid US 11M -- EU29--Inner length: 18.1cm
Little Kid US 11.5M -- EU30--Inner length: 18.8cm
Little Kid US 12M -- EU30--Inner length: 19.0cm
Little Kid US 12.5M -- EU30--Inner length: 19.5cm
Little Kid US 13M -- EU30--Inner length: 20cm
Little Kid US 1M -- EU30--Inner length: 20.5cm
Little Kid US 2M -- EU30--Inner length: 21cm
Little Kid US 3M -- EU30--Inner length: 21.5cm