Soft Shoes

For the first 2 years of a baby's life pediatricians agree that it is best for the development of baby's feet if they are barefoot. For obvious reasons this is not practical. The next best thing is a soft flexible shoe that will allow your baby's feet to move and grow naturally.


Please note that our baby shoes are sized on the large size so please measure your baby's feet before purchasing.

0-6 months: size 4/5 - sole length: 11cm
6-12 months: size 5/6 - sole length: 12cm
12-18 months: size 6/7 - sole length: 14cm
18-24 months: size 8/9 - sole length: 15cm


Sole: Suede
Shoe: Soft Leather

Please note that all our leather is chemical free.


Our shoes are on the large side, To Ensure the sizing is correct we politely ask you to measure your baby's feet before purchasing. However, if the shoes do not fit you may if course return them for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked.