Shoes Tennis Shoes

Suggest order according Feet length, please allow 0.5-1cm error
Label EU Size smaller than normal,Suggest order one size larger than you normally, because kids' feet are growing so fast.

Note: The shoes and laces are separate and the laces are in the package.

Size Chart:
5.5 M US Toddler=Label 21/Feet length 4.75-5 Inches
6 M US Toddler=Label 22/Feet length 5.125-5.25 Inches
6.5 M US Toddler=Label23/Feet length 5.5-5.625 Inches
7 M US Toddler=Label 24/Feet length 5.75 Inches
8 M US Toddler=Label 25/Feet length 6 Inches
8.5 M US Toddler=Label 26/Feet length 6.125-6.25 Inches
9 M US Toddler=Label27/Feet length 6.5-6.625 Inches
10 M US Toddler=Label 28/Feet length 6.75 Inches
11 M US Little Kid=Label 29/Feet length 7 Inches
11.5 M US Little Kid=Label30/Feet length 7.13-7.25 Inches
12.5 M US Little Kid=Label 31/Feet length 7.5-7.625 Inches
13 M US Little Kid=Label 32/Feet length 7.75 Inches
1 M US Little Kid=Label 33/Feet length 8-8.125 Inches
2 M US Little Kid=Label 34/Feet length 8.25-8.35 Inches
2.5 M US Big Kid=Label 35/Feet length 8.625 Inches