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In the humid season, have you ever been bothered by a pair of wet shoes?
On every winter morning, wearing a pair of damp and cold boots does not feel good?
After long time wearing, is there always a smelly odor in the footwear?

If so, this VIVREAL SHOE DRYER would be a pretty good choice!
Our product features ceramic heating technology, producing natural thermal convection heat that rises and circulates to dry and warm your shoes silently at night. Giving you a better mood every morning!

Regularly leave your footwear on the boot dryer, eliminate odors, bacteria and mold. Keep foot diseases away from your life and extend the life of your footwear. And more than footwear, it can work well with accessories like gloves or hats. Improving your life quality!

This shoe dryer is ETL certificated with a premium quality. An on/off switch included. What we want to provide for you is a safe, effective and convenient household gadget.

Just put the footwear you want to dry on the bracket of the footwear dryer and switch on, then wait a period of time you can wear a pair of dry and warm shoes.

Warm up the shoes - 30 mins
Drying damp shoes - about 4 hours
Totally wet shoes - overnight

What we provide is not only a safe, quality and convenient footwear dryer, but also no-risk warranty. 2-year warranty, 90 days money back guaranteed! What are you still hesitating about? Just "Add to Cart", warm your life!