Roper Boots

Roper Kids Rubber Camo Barn Boots To let your kid walk comfortably in your barn, the Roper Kid's Camo Boots is the perfect footwear. It has a camo neoprene shaft and black vamp. The top of the shaft has pull holes, which simplify the process of putting the boot on. This boot has an overall height of 10" and its upper part is waterproof. Like traditional barn boots, it also has loose comfortable fitting. The bottom of the boot is made from rubber and has a rugged sole, which makes it an ideal barnyard boot. Product Features: Neoprene shaft on rubber bottom Fits loose like traditional barn boot Molded EVA removable sock Pull holes at top of shaft. Item Specifications: Outsole: Rubber Roper Model No.: 09-018-1136-0574