Heels Shoes

Fit for:
High heel,Sandals,Flats,Dancing shoes,Boots,Sports shoes,ect.

1.High quality material:Made of durable,soft silicone gel,are able to be used repeatedly for all-day comfort!
2.Perfect pad for conditions:Metatarsalgia ,Neuromas ,Burning Sensations Ball of Foot Pain ,Metatarsal Fat Pad Atrophy ,Diabetic Foot Pain ,Blisters, Calluses ,and other foot pain .
3.Easy to clean and remove:unlike other products that are made of cloth,our product doesn't stain,and is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Easy to remove when you need
4.Available to adjust the high heel's size convenient and easy
5.Saty in place:strong sticker pad ,keep the insoles will not fall off the shoes easily

Package Included:
1 pairs(2 pcs)Forefoot Arch Support 3/4 length gel insoles
-Adjust the size of shoes
-Relief the pain of feet when walking
-Relieve foot fatigue
-Massage your feet
1 pairs(2 pcs)ball of foot cushions
-Relief the pain of your forefoot
-Relief the pain of sole
-Perfect fit foot type
-Dispred the pressure of weight,the foot contact surface is even,relieve foot fatigue.
2 heel liners pad
-Prevent the blister and reduce the rub bettween shoes and your feet,relief the pain of the heel of your feet.
-Adjust the size of shoes.
6 random round dot stickers pad
-Protect your feet and prevent your feet hurt and keep relief pain
-Won't rub your feet,prevent the blister
2 transparent shoeslaces
-Hold big shoes tightly,easy to walk in ,no longger rub your feet.
-Won't fall of when you walking or running ,perfect for dancing activities .
4 Slim clear gel liners
-Prevent the blister and reduce the rub bettween shoes and your feet ,relief the pain of the heel of your feet.

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