Cool Shoes

Please compare the chart size in the description with your feet length carefully before ordering. 

Shoe width: between Medium and Wide. 

Size Guide

Women US 5 B(M) Size= Foot Length 22.5-23cm=36 EU 

Women US 6 B(M) Size= Foot Length 23-23.5cm=37 EU 

Women US 7 B(M) Size= Foot Length 23.5-24cm=38 EU 

Women US 8 B(M) Size= Men US 6.5 D(M) Size = Foot Length 24cm-24.5cm=39 EU 

Women US 8.5 B(M) Size= Men US 7 D(M) Size = Foot Length 24.5cm-25cm=40 EU 

Women US 9 B(M) Size= Men US 8 D(M) Size = Foot Length 25cm-25.5cm=41 EU 

Women US 9.5 B(M) Size= Men US 8.5 D(M) Size = Foot Length 25.5cm-26cm=42 EU 

Women US 10 B(M) Size= Men US 9.5 D(M) Size = Foot Length 26cm-26.5cm=43 EU 

Women US 10.5 B(M) Size= Men US 10 D(M) Size = Foot Length 26.5cm-27cm=44 EU 

Women US 11 B(M) Size= Men US 10.5 D(M) Size = Foot Length 27cm-27.5cm=45 EU 

Women US 12 B(M) Size= Men US 11.5 D(M) Size = Foot Length 27.5cm-28cm=46 EU 


- Easy on/off, Comfortable,Breathable,Non-slip, Waterproof, Lightweight and Dry-fit 

- Designed specifically for all ages, suitable for women,men and kids, especially as an excellent couple sneakers 

- Suitable for Spring,Summer, Autumn and Winter