Broadway Shoes

Orthofeet Broadway Mens Strap shoes offer anatomical arch support, non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points. The Gel orthotic-insole along with the ergonomic, cushioning sole soften step, enhance stability, and facilitate natural foot motion. The deep toe box design allows the foot to relax and spread out naturally for added comfort. Using its biomechanical expertise Orthofeet has been dedicated to designing Broadway as the best comfort shoes and the best strap walking shoes for sensitive feet, including the best men's diabetic strap shoes, the best orthopedic men's shoes, the best therapeutic strap men's shoes, the best arthritis men's strap shoes, the best men's strap wide shoes, and the best extra wide strap men's shoes. Broadway men's strap shoes are engineered to help reduce Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Knee Pain, Forefoot Pain, Metatarsal Pain, Low Back Pain, and to enhance comfort for Diabetic Feet, Arthritic Feet, Sensitive Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Metatarsalgia, Morton's Neuroma, Bunions, Corns, Hammer Toes.